Another Overwatch Hero Teaser Released, And This One Has Jetpack Cat References

We may be closer to a possible reveal.


Blizzard continues to release teasers for what is widely assumed to be a reveal of Overwatch's next hero. This latest piece of the puzzle still doesn't confirm who the character is, though it does feature what appears to be an Easter egg for those who are familiar with behind-the-scenes news involving the game.

Once again, Blizzard has published an image on Twitter along with a brief quote; this time, it's "Last minute check! Everyone squared away?" That urgency may suggest an actual reveal is imminent--Blizzard learned its lesson about excessively long teases with Sombra--or it might mean nothing. Either way, we do have an image to dissect.

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Much like the previous tease, this include schematics for something. It looks as if it could be a shield with a Reinhardt-like lion face on it. Many players believe these are schematics being drawn by Torbjorn's daughter, Brigitte, and that she'll be the new character.

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That all remains educated guesswork. However, there is what is presumably a joking tease for a jetpack-wearing cat, as can be glimpsed in a drawing hidden just behind the main schematic in the new picture. The so-called Jetpack Cat was at one point a hero considered by Blizzard before the studio decided it would be too outrageous to include.

As for the new character, we know it was in playtesting at least as early as January. Game director Jeff Kaplan has described he or she as "very needed," but it's anyone's guess just which of the roster's holes this hero is meant to fill.

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