Another Of Rainbow Six Siege's New Characters Revealed

Lesion's ability involves tossing out some kind of mine.


We've already gotten a look at one new character from Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation Blood Orchid expansion, and now another Operator has been announced. Like the previous reveal, however, this is more of a tease that's meant to set up the official announcement later this week.

Lesion, whose real name is Liu Tze Long, is the second member of Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit. A post on the official Rainbow Six website notes that his "resilience to physical hardships is what set him apart from other candidates," and that he "is known to take his work seriously, and to expose himself to high-risk situations on a daily basis." Early in his career, he volunteered for mine disposal duty, a detail which seemingly relates to his special ability.

In terms of weapons, his primary options are the T-5 SMG and Six12 SD, while he carries a Q-929 as a secondary. A video shared on Rainbow Six's Facebook page (above) shows him tossing out some kind of mine that sticks to a surface and ejects its cover. A recent leak suggested that, when triggered, these inject enemies with something that causes damage and slows them down.

The other new Blood Orchid character revealed so far is Ying, who tosses out what is allegedly a cluster of flashbangs. Like Lesion, she is a member of the SDU. A third character is also coming in this expansion who was intended for release in an earlier expansion that was canceled in favor of Operation Health. The second character from the axed expansion will be released in a later update.

Operation Blood Orchid launches on August 29 following a full reveal during an upcoming livestream. In addition to the characters, it includes a new map, Theme Park, that will be available for everyone. The characters will be accessible by Year 2 season pass owners right away, while the Operators can be purchased with in-game currency by everyone else a week later.

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