Another Nintendo Switch Game Gets VR Support

Track treasure in virtual reality with Captain Toad.

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If you happen to own Nintendo's new VR Kit, Captain Toad has an adventure for you. Nintendo Europe has announced that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has a free software update which uses the virtual reality goggles--and it's available now.

Captain Toad's new mini VR adventure lets you view courses in 360 degrees and explore four courses in virtual reality. One lets you pan around the stage to better gauge what's around pillars and obstacles, while another puts you in a minecart to hunt for treasure. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Treasure Tracker isn't the only game with VR support. Nintendo America announced back in April 2019 that two of the company's most popular Switch games--The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey--would receive VR support for free as software updates.

The VR Kit is part of Nintendo Labo, a sort of toys-to-life concept using cardboard to introduce new ways of interacting with the Nintendo Switch. Released throughout 2018, there are currently four Labo Kits available: Robot, Variety, Vehicle, and VR.

Treasure Tracker landed on Nintendo 3DS and Switch in July 2018, almost four years after its initial December 2014 launch. In our Treasure Tracker Switch review, we said, "Despite a smattering of minor complaints, Captain Toad stands as a pint-sized version of Nintendo's stellar first party pedigree. It's among the best Mario spin-offs around and a delightful iteration on old ideas."

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MK8 Deluxe would bomb on VR. I do know it is far fetched since it would require a lot of reworking and some big update, but just imagine being blue shell bombed in VR.