Another Hint Of Overwatch's New Character Emerges

Here's Efi's shopping list.


The drip feed rollout of hints regarding the next playable character in Overwatch continues today, this time with a new image.

Overwatch's Twitter account today sent out a message in the guise of a news story update that references Efi Oladele, the young girl who was first introduced last week.

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The tweet reads, "[UPDATE] Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring: 'Time to get to work!'" This was accompanied by the image above of a shopping list. She's widely presumed to be building whatever is going to become the new playable character, and most of the items on the list appear to be for it.

Aside from the fact that it's likely to be some kind of robot or android, we don't yet have a clear idea of what form the new character will take.

Blizzard began teasing the new character last week. There was an in-world interview with Efi, an update to the in-game arrivals board on Numbani, and then a fake news story about an incident at an airport, which was then reflected in-game. Meanwhile, director Jeff Kaplan has said the character is "not who you think it is."

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