Another Final Fantasy Game Getting Smartphone Treatment

Square Enix teams up with Nexon to bring Final Fantasy 11 to mobile devices; PS2/Xbox 360 edition shutting down next year.


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Square Enix on Thursday announced that it is bringing yet another one of its Final Fantasy games to mobile devices. The publisher has formed a deal with Nexon Korea to develop a mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, a MMO that originally launched in 2002 for PC and PlayStation 2.

The game, called Final Fantasy XI Mobile, is slated to launch sometime in 2016. It is said to include "impressive graphics" and features designed specifically for mobile devices.

"These optimizations will include improving party organizing systems, enriching solo-play functionality, improving battle functionality, and enhancing in-game events and features," Nexon said in a statement.

A variety of Final Fantasy games are already available for iOS and Android devices, including the original Final Fantasy and, the most recent release, Final Fantasy VI.

In other news about Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has announced (via Eurogamer) that the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will no longer be supported after March 2016. The PC edition, however, will continue operation.

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Mobile port, AGAIN?

No wonder Square-Enix are facing losses.

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Port XII International zoidiac job system, then we can talk.

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Nexon, lm-fucking-ao

i don't know how many of you play Dungeon Fighter Online, but the last time it was active, it got shut down by Nexon and they staunchly blamed the fans for not advertising the game enough, despite Nexon doing absolutely zero zip zilch advertising themselves (meanwhile, Nexon of Korea was holding almost weekly tournaments for the game).

now DFO is back and self-published by the developers, Neople. their alpha test website even said "Neople is NOT affiliated with Nexon of America" in red text at the bottom of the page (i don't know about the current beta test page, though).

also, their majority investor is Insight Venture Partners. it's pretty obvious that the people who have ties to companies partially responsible for the current global recession would favor a slash-and-burn, stuff pay-to-win down players' throats until they choke and die approach. unfortunately for them, it hasn't taken hold of RuneScape all that well (there's still a lot of pay-to-win players though), although they're probably just biding their time until they can liquidate Jagex for maximum profits. << LINK REMOVED >>

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Is SE not aware of their quality assurance or do they just not care?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> It is Nexon Korea though, which is infinitely better than Nexon America.

Still not a very good company though; all about P2W to generate their income.

If it does come to america under Nexon America's reigns, then, well, I expect it to shutdown not too long after release.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> SE may want to start drafting their apology letters to all the customers who will most likely end up getting hacked because of Nexon's pathetic security and inept customer service team. Of course, they'll be sending those letters mainly to the inboxes of all the gold farmers with fake accounts.

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lol? Really? How does one play a MMORPG on a mobile phone oO

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Oh god no Square Enix, we do not want more of Final Fantasy XI it is so dated. At least the PS2 and Xbox 360 servers of this game are shutting down but not the PC which is a shame. It is just another example of the company milking a once well loved franchise.

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I love XI and it is my favorite FF and MMO but the game takes so much time to get anything done and by todays terms the game play is very dated. With this news though I hope the game play is radically changed to be more fun and the whole mechanism of the game more time friendly too. I think that is why they are possibly shutting down the ps2 and 360 versions. The hard ware couldn't handle the massive changes like a PC could.

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Sooo it'll be a screen full of marcos that you wont be able to see anything right? Unless you play on a tablet

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I can't imagine it being a very good experience on a mobile platform, you're better off playing the pc version.

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I haven't played FFXI for a while now but seeing it come to mobile with Nexon at the helm made me worry. Atleast its not being published by KRO Interactive (the original Nexon USA chapter before they broke off.. those that played shattered galaxy before the split will understand).

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Will there be a subscription (monthly or otherwise)?

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SQE just keeps going in direction that wrong and doing things we didnt ask for

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Not even worth it for $12.95/ month let alone on a small screen when ff14arr is magnitudes better in every way and is the same price a month.

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Prepare for a price inflation of 10000%.

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what? how?

Wouldn't mind playing ff11 again if it had an easy payment structure or were f2p. but on the phone???

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Oh Final Fantasy how you use to be great but now you are just Square Enix's cash cow.

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Liked the full games on mobile not the f2p garbage like all bravest though, more of the former please.

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Who the heck plays an mmo on mobile...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> who the heck plays anything worth playing on mobiles?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Koreans, definitely. They'd prefer to play everything on mobile except League.

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I can't believe the PS2 version still has (soon to be "had") support. That's cool

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I started playing it on the ps2 and I actually found the controls on ps2 to be better then the pc which usually for MMO's it is the opposite lol.

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This game was a huge part of my teen years, played for around 6 years with what ended up being 8 of my RL friends from HS. Its really sad to see it basically go (after NOV. its not getting content anymore).

I was actually about to re-sub last week when a RL friend and a few we met in game were playing again, but i waited to see what this was about (hoping for an expansion) but all it did was depress me and make me not want to play.

XIV as it is feels way too much like every other modern WoW style game (and it is, the devs themselves say they used it as a big influence) so it doesnt hold my attention for long and feels like a rush to cap solo where you get the next highest ilevel item and wait for the next patch. I have some hope the expansion for that will make it less simple and instanced, but i doubt it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That is just the new style for MMO's and it does work to a degree. A big factor is time and as much as I love XI you need a lot of time to get things done in that game. The western model makes for better time management and getting stuff done at a better pace.

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Shut down 14 not 11.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> We need more noobish trash talk...

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Why not 7,8,9,12 hell in a couple of years you can get 13 on the tablets.

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Because, with the exception of 12, those games are too good to become mobile trash. I'd rather they stay on the PS1(7,8,9) and PC(7,8) in their original versions unless properly remade for PC and/or a modern dedicated console.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> SQE should read your comment

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online only games usually never get any purchase from me - unless it's a free game

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Nice move there SE. Remove the progress of people who've been playing, and paying, for the game for the last 10+ years and then release it on mobile and expect them to pay again.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Considering that the game is 13 years old 99.99% of peoples can easily play the PC version plus Steam always has it on sale during sales too so it really won't be too much of an issue.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Jumping to conclusions much? They're not going to erase your progress. There will likely be the choice to import. Don't just jump off the deep end there.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The article says the PC version will continue to operate. The game is cross-platform, so any PS2/360 users can still log on to the game using a PC and continue with their account. The situation sucks, but they aren't being forced to completely restart on mobile.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Hopefully there is a way to transfer the Account character and saved data progress from the older systems and PC over to mobile.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm sure there will be considering FFXI accounts are playable across all platforms. Ps2/360/PC, one account can play across all of them. Given that you purchase the software to play on each of those platforms.

Just the same asFFXIV on Ps3/Ps4/PC. One account covers all platforms.