Another Final Fantasy Game Getting Smartphone Treatment

Square Enix teams up with Nexon to bring Final Fantasy 11 to mobile devices; PS2/Xbox 360 edition shutting down next year.

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Square Enix on Thursday announced that it is bringing yet another one of its Final Fantasy games to mobile devices. The publisher has formed a deal with Nexon Korea to develop a mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, a MMO that originally launched in 2002 for PC and PlayStation 2.

The game, called Final Fantasy XI Mobile, is slated to launch sometime in 2016. It is said to include "impressive graphics" and features designed specifically for mobile devices.

"These optimizations will include improving party organizing systems, enriching solo-play functionality, improving battle functionality, and enhancing in-game events and features," Nexon said in a statement.

A variety of Final Fantasy games are already available for iOS and Android devices, including the original Final Fantasy and, the most recent release, Final Fantasy VI.

In other news about Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix has announced (via Eurogamer) that the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will no longer be supported after March 2016. The PC edition, however, will continue operation.

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