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Another Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Beta Coming, But You Need To Download It Now

Grab it now, because you won't be able to during the test itself this weekend.


Square Enix recently launched a beta test for Final Fantasy XV's upcoming Comrades multiplayer mode, and things got off to a rough start. Server issues made it difficult initially to do much more than create a character and walk around a small patch of land, prompting the company to schedule a second beta test for this coming weekend. Strangely, though, you won't be able to simply grab the beta and jump in once it begins.

In order to participate in the next beta, you'll still need to meet the previous requirements: own a copy of the game and its season pass and be an Xbox Live Gold/PlayStation Plus subscriber. But you'll also need to ensure you have the Closed Online Test downloaded by tomorrow, August 8--it won't actually be available to download once this second test begins.

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Now Playing: Final Fantasy 15 Goes Online In The Comrades Multiplayer Closed Beta

Prior to the start of this beta, Square Enix will release an update that's intended to resolve matchmaking issues. These have plagued the first test, which concludes tomorrow and was originally intended to be the only beta.

Comrades is a cooperative multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV, which until now had been single-player-only. Players create a character of their own to take online and partner with other players to explore the world and complete quests. Only a select amount of content is included in the beta, but there will be a variety of new weapons, gear, and attack styles in the full DLC. Noctis and company will eventually be made available as playable characters.

Square Enix has not yet provided a release date for Comrades, and it's unclear if its time table will be affected by the outcome of the upcoming beta. Whenever it does launch, Comrades will be available both on its own and as part of the season pass.

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