Another Excellent Humble Bundle Is Now Available

N++, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and more.


Humble has rolled out yet another bundle of high-quality games, this one dubbed the Overwhelmingly Positive bundle.

Games with an extremely high percentage of positive user reviews on Steam are labeled on the store as having an "overwhelmingly positive" response. This bundle consists exclusively of games with that distinction. It includes such first-rate games as N++ and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, among others.


Paying $10 or more gets you everything in the bundle. That's currently a total of seven games, but more will be added to it next week. Anyone who beats the average sale price (currently $6.30) will also receive those extra games once they're announced.

Here's how the bundle looks now:

Pay what you want ($1 for Steam keys):

Beat the average:

Pay $10 or more:

If you aren't already a Humble Monthly subscriber, buying this bundle also gets you 10 percent off one month of the service. That's particularly notable right now, as subscribing before the February mystery box arrives guarantees you a copy of XCOM 2 for just $12 (or $10.80 with the discount).

As always, some or all of your money can be sent to a charity of your choice. The promoted charity this time around is Direct Relief, a nonprofit group that helps to provide medical relief around the world.

The Overwhelming Positive bundle is available until 11 AM PT on January 24.

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