Another ex-Gizmondo exec arrested

Hollywood-worthy story gets new chapter as Carl Freer is arrested for impersonating a police officer to buy gun.


The story has flashy imported cars, wealthy foreign playboys, antiterrorism units, guns, and is set in Los Angeles--but it isn't what you think. In a bizarre series of events that would make even Tinseltown's scribes jealous, the ongoing saga that began with a former executive of a gaming company totaling a $1 million Ferrari Enzo has taken another strange turn.

Carl Freer, the former managing director of the ill-fated Gizmondo, is involved in the latest twist involving the former gaming company's bigwigs. The 35-year-old Swede was arrested in his Bel-Air estate on suspicion of impersonating a police officer to buy a gun, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Police searched Freer's home and 100-foot yacht and found "12 rifles and four handguns." As a foreign national, Freer is not allowed to purchase guns in the US.

Freer also faces charges of perjury, as police believe he signed a sworn document stating that he was a police officer. Freer allegedly flashed a badge he got from the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority, claiming to be a police officer and a member of an "antiterrorism" squad. The SGVTA is a private company that assists the elderly by providing transportation.

Another member of the "antiterrorism squad" is Stefan Eriksson, also a former Gizmondo exec. Eriksson saw his notoriety skyrocket in Los Angeles when he became the focal point of the infamous Enzo Ferrari crash story. He is currently facing charges of embezzlement, drunk driving, owning illegal firearms, and grand theft.

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