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Another Crab's Treasure Has Weak Points You Can Target For Massive Damage

E3 2006? No, this is from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase!


The latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase featured a number of impressive indie games, but perhaps no more mesmerizing than Another Crab's Treasure. The Soulslike stars a crab who must improvise to find makeshift shells in order to defend himself in a world ravaged by pollution. Yes, that already sounds like the greatest video game ever, but it was a reference to an E3 press conference from 16 years ago that sealed the deal.

During its segment at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, developer Aggro Crab said it found crabs to be the perfect choice for an action game, especially because "you can hit their weak point for massive damage."

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Yes, it's a line taken from the infamous E3 2006 PlayStation press conference, during which the game Genji: Days of the Blade was shown off. During that conference, the audience was told about the historical ties in the game before abruptly shifting to a "giant enemy crab." By flipping this crab on its back, you could indeed attack its weak point for massive damage, just like we've read in the history books.

Of course, Another Crab's Treasure isn't promising historical accuracy, with the Soulslike featuring a more-approachable design philosophy so those who aren't familiar with the genre can still enjoy it. Who knew a crab with a tin can (or 50 other objects) for a shell would be the perfect protagonist?

Feeling crabby?
Feeling crabby?

Another Crab's Treasure will release for Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023.

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