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Another Code hitting Japanese DSes in February

Players will track clues in Nintendo's new adventure game for its double-screened handheld.


TOKYO--Nintendo announced today that Another Code: Futatsu no Kioku will be released for the DS on February 24. The game will be priced at 4,800 yen ($46). In English, the title roughly translates to Another Code: The Two Memories. No American release date has been announced.

In the adventure game, originally announced under the title Another, players assume the role of Ashley, the daughter of government researchers working on a secret device simply called "Another." When she was a child, Ashley's mother was killed and her father vanished--but when she turns 13, she receives a letter from her estranged father and follows its clues to an island in the hope of finding him.

This is where Another Code: Futatsu no Kioku picks up. Players lead Ashley through the game, following her as she attempts to locate her father. Another Code uses a top-view 3D format, and gameplay is controlled on the lower screen by tapping the stylus in the direction you want to move. The upper screen shows scenes and conversations.

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