Anno 2070 breaking ground in 2011

Related Designs developing futuristic follow-up to Dawn of Discovery series for winter release on PC.


Anno 2070

The long-running Anno series has seen players shape new worlds in the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. However, the next installment in the historical real-time strategy and city-building series won't be historical at all, as Ubisoft today announced Anno 2070 for the PC with a winter 2011 release window.

Still no jetpacks?
Still no jetpacks?

Developed by Related Designs with an assist from Blue Byte, Anno 2070 will challenge players to establish and grow a society beset by climate-change-induced ecological disasters. Related Designs is no stranger to the series, having worked on Anno 1701 (1701 A.D. in North America), Anno 1404 (released as Dawn of Discovery in North America), as well as that game's Venice expansion.

Anno 2070 will let players shape the future as one of two factions: the industrial Tycoons or the environmentally minded Ecos. The game will include a story-driven campaign mode, an open-ended freeplay mode, and a number of online multiplayer options.

For more on the series, check out GameSpot's review of Anno 1404.

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