Anime Ed Sheeran Shows Up In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Music Video

Celestial is a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and The Pokemon Company


Anime Ed Sheeran--an unexpected combination of words--appears in Sheeran's new music video Celestial. The song is made for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and will appear within the game.

In the music video, Sheeran does mundane activities (waking up, cooking, and walking around) with the aid of Pokemon. Squirtle puts out a kitchen fire. Machamp helps Sheeran move a piano. And of course, Pikachu's a constant presence throughout--notably serving as an electrifying alarm clock. The music video flips between reality and 2D animation, eventually culminating in a scene where Sheeran looks like a gym leader, sending his team against the all-powerful Mewtwo.

In related news, a new Nintendo OLED Switch Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available to preorder for $350. It features starter Pokemon art, as well as scarlet and violet Joy-Cons controllers.

The Pokemon Company has also been revealing Scarlet and Violet Pokemon one by one over the past few months, with a wriggly Diglett cousin as the latest announcement. Named Wiglett, the new Pokemon resembles a garden eel.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases on November 18 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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