Animal Planet: The Clan Wars renamed

Cenega Publishing announces that it will release Mithis' humorous turn-based strategy game under a new title this fall. First screens inside.


Cenega Publishing has today announced that it will publish Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars this fall. Formerly known as Animal Planet: The Clan Wars, the turn-based real-time strategy game will see players assuming control of one of six warring animal clans that are attempting to take control of the galaxy.

Mithis Interactive's Web site, which still lists the game under its original title, has recently been updated with the first information on the game. Additionally, it mentions that unannounced PS2 and Xbox versions are in development. Each faction in the game will have four different units, plus one hidden unit, available. Furthermore, there will be a massive arsenal of weapons that range from authentic guns to imaginary megablasters. The game will feature a random terrain generator, and in addition to the single-player campaign, there will be a number of different multiplayer modes, including rescue, capture the totem, life tag, survival, and king of the hill.

We'll bring you more information on Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars as soon as it becomes available.

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