Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards Rollout Was A Mess

Animal Crossing fans eager to say Hello Kitty instead had to say Goodbye Kitty as stock sold out instantly and errors abounded.


Eager Animal Crossing players hoping to get Target's store-exclusive Sanrio Amiibo cards were left empty-handed. Things appeared to be working properly as the sale began as scheduled, but errors and out-of-stock alerts threw a wrench in the whole promotion.

The Animal Crossing Sanrio cards are listed as in-store pickup only, meaning you'd have to order online and then go to a Target store to claim them. The sale opened at 6 AM PT, and the errors began almost as soon as the sale opened. Some stores showed limited stock, but even after a half-hour the stores that were giving checkout errors were still listing the cards as in-stock. As the day has gone on many have switched to listing it as sold out.

Fans on social media and the Animal Crossing subreddit were not pleased. Many recounted their experiences with instant sell-outs, while at least one suggested calling your local Target to put a card pack aside and then simply going into the store--bypassing the in-store pickup altogether. The product itself has gotten 1.6 star average rating as of the time of publishing.

The Sanrio cards have been out in Japan and Europe since 2017, as a tie-in to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is the first time the card set is available in the US, and they unlock villagers and items themed after popular Sanrio characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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