Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Christmas Event Begins Soon

Christmastime is here.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is getting a makeover for the holidays. Nintendo announced today that the mobile game will feature a limited-time event that'll let you decorate your camp for the holidays.

In a post on Twitter, the official Japanese Animal Crossing account announced the event, stating that it would begin tomorrow, November 30. The English account later confirmed the event. It was also revealed that players will be able to purchase some themed furniture. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

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In my opinion, it's nice to see temporary events coming to Pocket Camp. The holiday events were some of my favorite moments in previous Animal Crossing games, and it's good that Pocket Camp is continuing the tradition.

Pocket Camp has been out for a week now, and it's already been downloaded a lot of times. It features some of what you'd expect from an Animal Crossing game--such as interior design and dealing with Tom Nook-- but it's also a smaller-scope experience. This has led some fans, such as model Chrissy Teigen, to criticize the game for not being built out enough.

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