Animal Crossing Players Are Trick-Or-Treating At Home For Halloween

They've done everything they can to make their islands spooky for visitors.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Halloween event is nearly upon us, but some players are creating events of their own. They're using Animal Crossing as a way to trick-or-treat since it isn't safe to go house-to-house in real life.

Players had already turned their islands into haunted houses and used the new skin tones from the Fall update to make elaborate costumes, so it's only natural that they would turn to the game to replace trick-or-treating. While some players simply plan to open their gates to let people in, others have started Discord servers to organize wider community events.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Costumes
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Costumes

Animal Crossing's Halloween event runs from 5 PM to 12 AM on October 31. Players can give candy to their villagers and Jack, a special visitor, and receive in-game rewards. Other players can participate in the event, similarly to how they could with the summer fireworks, by visiting their friend's islands.

Some players have thought of creative minigames and scavenger hunts to play while they have their friends over on Halloween night. One game is called trick-or-treat roulette where players can spin a wheel to determine what item they dig up. "These are the rules I’m using if anyone’s curious: I buried 4 expensive/rare items and 4 gag/trash items," wrote Redditor chickenandwaffurs. "Whoever rolls the highest number will also get the bonus gift wrapped under the scarecrow."

Players have created events on Reddit and Facebook, inviting others to their islands so they can still have some fun with friends on Halloween. If you don't have plans for Halloween, in real life or in Animal Crossing, you can browse through the many Animal Crossing subreddits to find players with their gates open tomorrow night.

"We literally just had to cancel our plans because her state placed a travel ban on mine because our number of cases went up," wrote Redditor ACLeeLee401. "So at least we can visit each other in ACNH."

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