Animal Crossing Player Recreates The Mario Experience On Their Island

A particularly creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player managed to use the new Mario items added by a recent update to recreate a typical level on their island.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are always expressing their creativity through the game's building mechanics, and they can sometimes achieve goals that seem impossible to casual players. That is definitely the case with Twitter user doom_mori, who managed to create a Mario-like platformer experience on their island using the themed items added for Mario's 35th anniversary by a recent update.

While parts of this build are not possible without hacking the game--which we don't recommend, as it can get your island's Dream Address taken down, among other consequences--it's still incredibly impressive. Especially lucky is the fact that the warp pipes work in the order they intended; the direction you exit a warp pipe is random, and if you have more than two on your island at a time, the connection between pipes is random, too. The Super Mario Sunshine music also adds a bit of atmosphere to the clip.

In other Animal Crossing news, an enthusiastic fan recently recreated the first act of the megahit musical Hamilton in New Horizons, and it's quite elaborate. An upcoming update for the game will add Sanrio-inspired villagers and items to the game, and that's set to release later in March.

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