Animal Crossing Now Lets You Sell Through Dodo Airlines, But Not On Mystery Islands

Dodo Airlines is now letting you sell items through them, but only from Harv's island.


The start of the latest event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has added a small new quality-of-life feature allowing items to be sold or stored through Dodo Airlines, but only under limited circumstances.

Dodo Airlines, the service that lets you visit other islands in New Horizons, is now letting you send items back to your home island while visiting Harv's island--but unfortunately not mystery islands, where you would have been able to farm indefinitely. Your excursions to mystery islands remain limited to how many of its treasures you could fit in your inventory before making the trip home to cash in.

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Now, while on Harv's island, Dodo Airlines gives you two options to stay as long as you like. The first will let you deliver any items to your home storage back on your island for free. The second is similar to the box outside of Nook's Cranny. You'll be able to sell items without having to leave whatever island you're currently visiting, but your sell price will be slightly less as a result.

You will need to visit Harv's Island first before Wilbur (the dodo that flies you to other islands) opens up both options to you, which you'll want to do anyway now that wedding season is live in New Horizons.

This story has been corrected with additional details concerning how and when this feature is available.

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