Animal Crossing: New Horizons Save Backups Have A Catch

The new content patch will ease your fears of losing your island, but it's still a far cry from an easy-to-use feature.


Update: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.4.0 is available now, meaning that all the content mentioned below is now available in the game. If the update does not download automatically, press "+" on the game icon from your Switch menu and pick "software update," then "Via the Internet."

Upon starting up the game, you'll find two letters in your inbox with attachments--one from Nintendo with a fireworks-show wall, and one from Luna with Luna's Bed. This is the bed you'll be able to access dreams from. At long last, you'll be able to back up your island in case something happens to your Switch. That hard work will not be wasted. But as described below, this system isn't as fully featured as it could be, restricting backup recoveries to situations where your system is broken or stolen.

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Happy dreaming.

Original Story: The second summer update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is launching this week, bringing with it a new festive fireworks event during August, the ability to visit other islands through dreams, and some limited but welcome save backup support.

Yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will now finally let you back up your saves, but they're not supported in the same way as cloud saves for most other games on the Nintendo Switch. Announced earlier this year, New Horizons will periodically update at unspecified times, backing up your island and all its inhabitants to Nintendo's servers.

You can then retrieve this save through Nintendo Support, and only if your Switch breaks or is stolen, according to the very specific wording in the press release. It is also only available for players with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Nintendo also states that you'll also be able to transfer your island to another Switch soon with a future update.

The rest of this second summer update is more straightforward. It will introduce a new firework display event, which will take place every Sunday at 7 PM throughout August. You'll get access to new crafting items and the ability to create custom firework displays that can light up the skies in the evening.

Additionally, the update also reintroduces Luna into the game, who will let you visit other island through your villager's dreams. Unlike visiting an island using Dodo Airlines, islands in a dream state can be altered and changed without any permanent consequence. Luna will also let you register your island with a dream address, which you can then share with friends.

The second summer update will launch for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on July 30. The first update in this season introduced swimming to the game, as well as new wildlife for you to capture and donate to Blathers.

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