Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Are Already Putting Up Christmas Lights

Christmas has come early for many Animal Crossing players.


Halloween is over, pumpkin patches are gone, and spooky decorations are put away. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are on to the next big in-game holiday: Christmas.

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"People get a pass for early Christmas decorations this year in my book," said Animal Crossing player and Redditor Primique. "Spread the holiday cheer!"

Snow won't come to the game until December 10 like every other entry in the series, but players are already putting up lights and decorations. Some have created custom paths lined with colorful bulbs, special Holiday-themed clothing, and even elaborate lawn decorations. November is just December-lite for these players.

A holiday cider truck. Credit: sheilaalala
A holiday cider truck. Credit: sheilaalala

Other players have taken their decorations to the next level by replacing their pumpkin patches with Christmas tree lots. They've replaced the pumpkin plants with cedar trees and planted piece of fruit behind them to prevent them from growing. Others have gotten even more creative with their holiday installations--they've made cider trucks, custom Christmas furniture patterns, and vineyards for classy holiday events.

December has always brought a lot of change to Animal Crossing. Previous games have seen villagers houses decorated with lights, snowballs that can be stacked to build snowmen scattered around the island, and a special event on December 24 that gives players Holiday-themed items.

A Christmass tree lot. Credit: nickel492
A Christmass tree lot. Credit: nickel492

Another update that adds the Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving) event and Toy Day (Christmas) is coming in November. Animal Crossing: New Leaf had players dress up as Santa to deliver presents to all of their villagers in order to receive special furniture. New Horizon's holiday event will probably be somewhat different, similar to how Easter, Halloween, and other holidays have changed in the latest entry in the series.

Players have already acquired special holiday items, like Christmas trees and reindeer decorations, by time traveling to December. Other players will get those over the next month and a half. Expect to see more snowy Christmas designs as Animal Crossing fans prep for Toy Day.

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