Animal Crossing: New Horizons Musicians Give A Social Distanced Performance

The performers behind the main theme of Animal Crossing gave a virtual encore that would make KK Slider proud.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has rightfully gotten a lot of attention as a salve for our troubled times. The friendly, low-stress gameplay is complemented by smooth music that makes the whole thing a relaxing respite. Now the performers behind the main theme reconvened virtually for an encore performance.

The short-but-sweet video was shared by the official Animal Crossing Twitter, with each musician performing out of their homes--sometimes multiple times so that their various instruments can be compiled into the mix. The result is a nice overview of the work put into the iconic song and lets Animal Crossing fans put faces to the performances.

Between some combination of its chill vibes and recent big spending on video games in general, Animal Crossing has had a booming launch, already earning a spot in the top-sellers for Nintendo Switch. It's also gotten a fair amount of mainstream pop culture attention, from the likes of NFL teams and members of the US Congress.

Nintendo has even started leveraging the popularity of Animal Crossing into other games, like a special event in Tetris 99. If you've caught the fever (and found a Switch), check out which fish and bugs you should be on the lookout for this month.

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