Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets A Discount In Time For New Summer Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' summer update launches this week, and you can snag the Nintendo Switch game at a great price prior to its release.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm since its March release on the Nintendo Switch, with everyone from celebrities and NFL teams playing and interacting with fans through Nintendo's latest game. New Horizons certainly is popular, and with its free summer update coming July 3, there's no better time to jump in. Thankfully, Ebay has it for a great price; you can currently snag Animal Crossing: New Horizons for $51.49. It also comes with free shipping and can arrive as early as July 6, depending on your location.

GameSpot's Animal Crossing: New Horizons review scored it a 9/10, praising the new Nook Miles system, character customization, and expressive villages. However, reviews editor Kallie Plagge was disappointed by the slow progression, which can be frustrating at times.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

$51.49 ($60)

"New Horizons has a slower pace even than other Animal Crossing games, and at times, that can feel unnecessarily restrictive," she wrote. "But there's still plenty to do, and each of those activities feeds into the next brilliantly for a rewarding and relentlessly cheerful experience. New Horizons certainly came at the right time, and its strengths are particularly comforting right now. I'm as excited to see what random events await me each morning as I am glad to have it during hard times, and that's sure to keep me coming back for the foreseeable future."

The day-to-day events in Animal Crossing are worth experiencing on their own, but New Horizons' summer update will introduce swimming and diving around the edges of your island. This will help you discover new ocean life, such as starfish and garden eels, that can be donated to Blathers' museum. Of course, the wise night owl will have some facts to divulge on these new creatures, but if you're like me, you'll be mashing that B button to get the heck out of there and search for more.

Animal Crossing regular Pascal will also be making an appearance with the summer update, and if you give him some scallops, he'll gift you some new DIY recipes in return. These new DIY recipes include a ton of mermaid-themed items.

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