Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney Happening Tomorrow

The first Fishing Tourney event since the Switch Animal Crossing game launched falls on this Saturday, April 11, just ahead of Bunny Day.


The Bunny Day egg hunt is still underway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but another event is also set to take place in the game later this week. On Saturday, April 11, New Horizons will hold its first Fishing Tourney.

The Fishing Tourney has been a regular recurring event in Animal Crossing since the series' debut. It remains to be seen how the event plays out in New Horizons, but in previous games, you would compete with your villagers to catch the biggest fish within a set window of time; if you scored the largest catch, you'd take home a trophy and a special prize.

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As previously mentioned, the Bunny Day event is also going on now in New Horizons. Through Bunny Day itself (April 12), you'll be able to find different types of eggs around your island, which can be used to craft limited-time Bunny Day furniture. These eggs can be harvested from trees, stones, and even reeled in from the river and ocean, which has annoyed many players given how prevalent the eggs have been.

In response, Nintendo has released a new patch that adjusts the eggs' spawn rates, making them less common. The patch also resolves a bug that prevented players from receiving the correct sculpture after giving scarab beetles to Flick. You can read the full patch notes on Nintendo's website.

If you're new to Animal Crossing or just getting started on your deserted island getaway, we've put together a variety of guides to help you out in New Horizons. Be sure to check out our tips on playing the stalk market and crossbreeding flowers. With April underway, a variety of new bugs and fish are also available to catch in the game.

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