Animal Crossing: Last Chance To Get August's Seasonal Items

Three new limited-time items have been added to Nook Shopping's Seasonal catalog in New Horizons, and you have until August 31 to get them.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' second free summer update arrived earlier this month and introduced a variety of new features to the popular life sim, including dreaming, save backups, and a weekly summer fireworks festival. That's not all that's new this month, however; the Nook Shopping catalog has also stocked a couple of new items in its seasonal collection. You'll need to act fast if you want them, though, because they'll only be around for a few more hours.

Three new limited-time items are now available to order: the rodeo-style springy ride-on, the Hikoboshi outfit, and the Orihime outfit. You can find these listed under the Seasonal tab in the Nook Shopping terminal, and each one will be available through today, August 31. The former costs 2,000 bells, while the latter two are 2,500 apiece.

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On top of the new seasonal items, August brings a handful of new fish and bugs to catch in the game. Those in the Northern Hemisphere can now reel in moray eels, rays, and soft-shelled turtles--among other critters--from the ocean and river. This month also marks the last chance for Northern Hemisphere players to catch various beetles and other summer insects. You can learn more in our fish guide and bug guide.

As previously mentioned, New Horizons' recent 1.4.0 update added a new summer event: fireworks shows. Every Sunday evening starting at 7 PM your time, you'll be able to watch fireworks in the game with your friends and villagers. Isabelle will be stationed in your town plaza during the show and hand you a free wearable bopper. Redd will have his own raffle tent as well, where you'll be able to win festive items like balloons, pinwheels, and fountain fireworks.

Update 1.4.0 also finally introduced the long-promised island backup function. This is only available for Switch Online subscribers, and it lets you back up your New Horizons save data in the event that you lose or damage your Switch. However, this function works a little differently from the typical cloud saves offered through the service; you can learn more in our guide on how to back up your Animal Crossing save.

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