Animal Crossing: How To Get The New Sanrio Villagers And Furniture In New Horizons

New Horizons' 1.9.0 update has added a range of Sanrio-inspired villagers and other items; here's how to get them in your game.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' 1.9.0 update has added a variety of new content to the game, but the most notable additions are all the new Sanrio-inspired villagers, furniture, and clothing. These characters and items are tied to the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards, so you'll need to have those on hand before you can invite the villagers and order the furniture in your game.

The Sanrio Amiibo cards first launched in Japan and Europe in 2017 following Animal Crossing: New Leaf's big Welcome Amiibo update. The card set was not originally available in the US, but they went on sale stateside at Target stores starting March 26 (although their rollout was a mess). The pack costs $6 and contains all six Sanrio Amiibo cards, each of which unlocks villagers and items themed after popular Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody.

If you've previously imported the Sanrio Amiibo cards, you'll be able to use those now to unlock the new villagers and items in New Horizons; otherwise, you'll need to wait until later this month to pick up a pack up once they go on sale in the US. Once you have the cards, here's how to get the new Sanrio villagers and furniture.

How To Get Sanrio Villagers And Items

Once you have the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards, you'll need to invite each character to your campsite as you would invite other Amiibo villagers. Select Invite Amiibo from the NookStop terminal in your Resident Services building, then scan one of the Sanrio Amiibo cards to have that villager visit your campsite. You can also scan the villagers in Harv's island to take screenshots of them in the game's Photopia mode.

Once you've scanned a Sanrio Amiibo card, you'll be able to order that character's associated furniture and clothing. These will all be listed in the Promotions tab in Nook Shopping, the same place you can find the recently added Mario items. Note that the fastest way to unlock the Sanrio items is to either scan the villagers at Harv's island, or scan the cards at NookStop but not invite them to your campsite. Since you can only have one Amiibo villager in your campsite each day, it would take at least six days to invite the entire set and unlock all of the Sanrio furniture in your game without time skipping that way.

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There are six Sanrio Amiibo cards in total. You can see the full list and the associated character each one unlocks below:

  • Hello Kitty - Rilla (gorilla)
  • Pompompurin - Marty (cub)
  • Kiki & Lala - √Čtoile (sheep)
  • Cinnamoroll - Chai (elephant)
  • My Melody - Chelsea (deer)
  • Kerokerokeroppi - Toby (rabbit)

If you'd like to invite these characters to live on your island, you'll need to go through the same process as with other Amiibo villagers--which means it will take up to three days to convince them to move in. Talk to the villager when they're in the campsite and they'll ask you to craft an item for them. Repeat that two more days and the villager will eventually agree to move to your island. The characters don't need to move in for you to unlock their items, so if you're strictly after the Sanrio furniture and clothing, all you need to do is scan the cards without inviting them to your campsite.

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