Animal Crossing For Switch Finally Announced During Nintendo Direct

After a swerve, Nintendo finally addresses the demands for Animal Crossing on Switch.

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With Nintendo bringing so many of its franchises to Switch, fans have wondered when Animal Crossing's turn will come--especially given how perfect of a match it is for the portable system. While details were more than light, the company did finally answer that question during its September Nintendo Direct stream: 2019.

As the presentation came to a close, we saw footage of Animal Crossing's Isabelle hanging out in the mayor's office, lamenting your absence. It seemed as if it was preparing an announcement of Animal Crossing, only for it to turn into a reveal of Isabelle as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

After a look at her in action, the video then cut to Tom Nook, seemingly setting him up as a character. Instead, he talks about getting things ready from when they're tired of playing Smash and the Animal Crossing mobile game, which led to the announcement of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch (the current working title).

Unfortunately, we didn't get any more details than that, just that it's coming in 2019. A subsequent press release from Nintendo affirms this is a "mainline" game, marking the first since 2013's New Leaf for 3DS. That would suggest it'll consist of the same basic town management, house-decorating, bug/fish/fossil-collecting gameplay we've come to know and love, though just what kind of changes Nintendo has in store for us remains to be seen.

You can check out how the announcement unfolded for yourself above. We'll report back as Nintendo reveals more about the upcoming game, and what kind of tie-ins it'll inevitably offer with the mobile game.

September 2018 Nintendo Direct News

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Avatar image for professor_megaman

"Finally addresses demands"?

After the utter fiasco of the Animal Crossing Amiibo line I figured people were completely sick of it.

Hell, major retail stores are still gun-shy about stocking Amiibo of any kind because of how long it took to finally clearance out those things.

Avatar image for Megawizard

@Giygas07: I have a little button toggle in the lower right when I mouse over the video to enable or disable auto play. There's one there for muting I use as well.

Avatar image for phili878

For some reason I could still not find half the fish and like several insects in the original.....

Avatar image for Litchie

Like.. finally!

Avatar image for snugglebear

This was the news I've been waiting for. I was so angry, then so happy during that direct.

Avatar image for lordroberts774

The name has officially been revealed! It's "Welcome to Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival 2"!! CAN'T WAIT!!

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

My kids like Animal Crossing, but I've never really understood the appeal. Yes, it is a calm relaxing game of collecting stuff, but I fail to see how this version is going to be different from literally every other version they put out previously. They are all the exact same game. So this is a big "meh" for me. I was much more excited about the changes announced for Splatoon 2 and the release of a number of FF classic titles. I used to own and be able to play a lot of those PS1 releases but sadly I no longer have that ability to play them. So a re-release for switch is extremely appealing to me. I will much rather buy FF7 for Switch than hope the remaster they are working on will be any good. I just hope FF6 also gets a re-release.

Avatar image for freedom01

Just love the Animal Crossing Series, day one purchase from me. Its a great relaxing game to play.

Avatar image for meatymisto

Yes!! It's finally happening! Amiibo Festival 2 guys!

I was like there's no way they have this perfect foundation for an Animal Crossing on Switch for Isabelles introduction to Smash and not have something in the works. I've never been so happy to receive an announcement from Tom Nook. Though I was still in tears. Final Fantasy the end of this year and next and Animal Crossing next year, alongside a slew of other brilliant games. Nintendo is firing on all cylinders, glad the third party companies are finally willing to step in and coexist with Nintendo. They will profit greatly, I have never been so into a video game system before.

Avatar image for CrillanK

@meatymisto: Not sure what you're trying to say here, but Amiibo Festival is not what this new Animal Crossing game is. Two completely separate game series. If this was a sequel to Amiibo Festival, people would be revolting, lol.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

But does it support some kind of streetpass function?

Avatar image for mojito1988

This is day 1 for me. I just LOVE Animal Crossing games.

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

Hype! Nintendo is coming out with all their big hitters! I. Cannot. Wait!

Avatar image for r31ya

@WhoIsTheDrizzle: Next E3 treehouse direct will have metroid 4, bayonetta 3, pokemon nswitch, and animal crossing.

It'll be one hell of a day