Animal Crossing Fans Are Using iOS 14 To Create Nook Phones, Here's How To Do It

You can use the icon pack to change your phones appearance on iOS and Android.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Nook Phones brought all the convenience of smart phones to the cute island towns we spend so much time in. Now you can get a Nook Phone in real life, too.

iOS 14 has given iPhone users the ability to customize their home screens and add widgets. Twitter user and designer okpng put together a number of Animal Crossing icons and wallpapers that make home screens look like they're straight out of Tom Nook's pocket. This works on both iOS (updated to iOS 14) and Android devices. You can download the icon pack here.

The icons are easy enough to replace. On iOS, go to the new Shortcut app and follow the button prompts to choose the app icon you want to replace to and pick a photo to replace it with. You should save your new icons to your phones photo app before trying to replace the icons. The wallpaper will need to be manually changed as well. Android users will need something like the Nova Launcher to replace their home screen icons.

Now all we need is a way to earn Nook Miles with these fancy new Animal Crossing phones.

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