Animal Crossing Fan Recreates First Act Of Hamilton In-Game, And It's A Lot

A particularly dedicated Animal Crossing fan who goes by Guitar_Knight14 has recreated the first act of the musical Hamilton in New Horizons, and it's quite detailed.


Animal Crossing fans are known for being fanatically devoted to the series, but devotees of the musical megahit Hamilton might give them a run for their money. Now, a fan of both who goes by "Guitar_Knight14" has recreated the first act of Hamilton in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it's an impressively detailed effort.

The YouTube video of the performance clocks in at over an hour, and runs from the play's opening number to the close of the first act, ending with the song "Non-Stop." The sheer amount of effort that went into the video is mind-boggling, with a villager cast in each part, detailed choreography for each song, and even a facsimile of an audience. Guitar_Knight14 has a Patreon you can contribute to if you want to see Act 2 before its official release. It's not necessarily clear how this performance will deal with certain mature themes of songs like "Say No to This," but we're excited to find out.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently received a batch of new Mario items to celebrate the franchise's 35th anniversary. Nintendo put out a video to explain how the new warp pipes will work as part of that update. Later in March, Nintendo will roll out some Sanrio-inspired content for the game, including villagers, furniture, and other items.

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