Animal Crossing Datamining Reveals Possible Additions For New Horizons

According to a Twitter thread, new features might include the return of Crazy Redd, a museum cafe, and another upgrade to Nook's Cranny.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken over the world over the past few weeks, but fans have noted that a few features from previous games haven't make it into the series' debut on Switch. According to Twitter user Ninji, however, some of those omissions might be coming to the game after all.

In a lengthy series of tweets, Ninji explains how he datamined New Horizons and found references in the code to features that aren't currently present in the game. This includes Crazy Redd, the duplicitous and sardonic kitsune that serves as Tom Nook's rival. In previous games, Redd would sell paintings that you could donate to the museum, and some would be fakes. As Ninji says, Redd may pilot a ship that docks on the northmost beach of the player's deserted island.

The code includes mentions of a vegetable-growing mechanic, which would be a first for the franchise. It also references bushes, scuba-diving, more upgrades for the museum and Nook's Cranny, and the reintroduction of Brewster's cafe, which were all present in previous games. Due to the nature of datamining, however, it's unclear if these features will come to New Horizons in a future update, or if Ninji is essentially sifting through clippings on the cutting room floor.

Speaking of possible updates, Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Earth Day event is coming soon. Though details are thin on the ground, the event will be hosted by a sloth named Leif. While you're waiting, you can import some of your favorite famous art with QR codes provided by real museums.

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