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Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Collection Sold Out, More Coming Soon

Tom Nook and Isabelle Build-A-Bear plushies cost $51 each.


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear collection launched earlier today. Unsurprisingly, Build-A-Bear has already sold out of the Tom Nook and Isabelle plushies, each of which cost $51. Each of the four listings now says "coming back," but it's unclear when the plushies will be available to order again.

Tom Nook and Isabelle come with their summer outfits and include sound effects. You can choose between the New Horizons theme music or five phrases.

Build-A-Bear is known for its design-your-own plushies that you can fill with stuffing and dress up in the store. If you order online, you still go through the building process, but you won't get to stuff Tom Nook and kiss his heart before he's sewn shut. While many Build-A-Bear plushies require you to purchase an outfit separately, themed collections like these have outfits and tend to be pricier. As of now, the Animal Crossing plushies are only available in gift sets that include sound effects, which helps explain the $51 price.

Tom Nook and Isabelle Build-A-Bear
Tom Nook and Isabelle Build-A-Bear

Despite the fact Build-A-Bear sold out of the new plushies on day one, the rollout still seemed to go better than the Sanrio Amiibo cards. Exclusive to Target, the Sanrio cards sold out almost instantly the other week. It didn't help matters that Target's website was having issues updating stock, which caused even more frustration. In more positive Animal Crossing news, Cherry Blossom season is back in New Horizons until April 10, and a batch of new seasonal items are up for grabs in the game.

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