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Animal Crossing Amiibo Are Super Cheap At GameStop Right Now

Grab six Animal Crossing Amiibo for the price of two.


Animal Crossing Amiibo have been available for pretty low prices for the last few years, but they are bound to creep back up in price as we approach Animal Crossing: New Horizons' March 20 release for Nintendo Switch. Amiibo and Amiibo cards will let you invite characters to your island and partake in photoshoot sessions in the new Photopia mode. Right now, you can grab a handful of Animal Crossing Amiibo for just $5 each at GameStop. You'll probably want to hurry, as some of the steeply discounted Amiibo have sold out within the last day.

Animal Crossing Amiibo

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Sure, those six aren't exactly known as the faces of the franchise, but if you're looking to build an Animal Crossing Amiibo collection ahead of New Horizons, this is a cheap way to start. GameStop also has Tom Nook's Amiibo figure discounted to $8. The rest of the Animal Crossing crew can be found at Amazon:

Isabelle's Super Smash Bros. figure is going for close to double its regular price, but if you can wait, the figure will be re-released on April 17 at Best Buy and Target.

There's still time to pre-order New Horizons, and numerous retailers are offering their own unique bonuses. If you're looking for some new Switch accessories to show off your Animal Crossing love, there are quite a few options, including controllers, carrying cases, and console skins.

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