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Animal Crossing 3DS out Q3 in Japan

Nintendo's next iteration of the small-town simulation series will have an emphasis on wireless functionality.


Nintendo has announced a release window for the latest Animal Crossing title. Revealed during its Nintendo Direct Broadcast event last Saturday, the 3DS version of the life simulation title will be out in Q3 in Japan this year.

Animal Crossing 3DS will debut in Japan later this year.
Animal Crossing 3DS will debut in Japan later this year.

The game's Japanese subtitle is "tobidase," which means "jump out." Based on Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's presentation, the game will not only feature 3D effects, but will also have a huge focus on wireless functionality and connectivity.

Unlike past sequels, the game's characters will have a more human-like appearance. The game will also allow players to become the mayor of the main town and give them free rein to improve the area.

There is no word on the release window for the North American and European release for Animal Crossing on the 3DS. The sequel was initially revealed at E3 2010, with a full trailer shown at E3 2011. For more information, check out GameSpot's gamespace on the title.

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