Angry Birds Trilogy dropping on 360, PS3, 3DS

Activision bringing Rovio's iconic mobile series to retailers with $40 Kinect and Move-compatible compilation for consoles, $30 3D edition for Nintendo handheld.


Angry Birds of a feather are flocking together, as Activision today announced that it will release the Angry Birds Trilogy compilation for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and 3DS.

But did Rovio always intend for this to be a trilogy?
But did Rovio always intend for this to be a trilogy?

Combining the original Angry Birds with Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons (but not the recently released Angry Birds Space), the trilogy will introduce features suited to each of its new platforms. The Xbox 360 edition will support Kinect motion controls, while the PS3 game will incorporate Move functionality and the 3DS version will include 3D visuals and StreetPass features. In all three cases, Angry Birds purists will be able to turn off the additional functionality.

Set for release this holiday season, Angry Birds Trilogy will sell for $40 on home consoles, or $30 on the 3DS.

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