Angry Birds Space unveiled

Rovio reveals next installment in bird-flinging franchise, indicates announcement concerning it will arrive on March 22; teaser site now live.


The Angry Birds phenomenon is heading to the final frontier. Developer Rovio today revealed Angry Birds Space, indicating more information about the game will be divulged on March 22.

Space doesn't have oxygen, but that isn't keeping Rovio from bringing birds there.
Space doesn't have oxygen, but that isn't keeping Rovio from bringing birds there.

A website for Angry Birds Space is now live, and it houses a 20-second teaser trailer for the game, which is embedded below. The site also includes an image of the moon, earth, and the game's iconic slingshot designed as if it were built out of moon rock.

No mention was made as to which platforms Angry Birds Space will be available on, but Rovio has spread the franchise to a host of destinations since the game was launched on the iOS in 2009.

A Facebook version of Angry Birds launched this week, and the game is also available on the 3DS, PSP, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android mobile devices, Google Chrome, Google Plus, and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The game has been downloaded over 500 million times, including 6.5 million instances on Christmas Day alone.

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facebook version is pretty cool



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People have overcomplicated videogaming to the point that most games on the new consoles aren't fun. AB has brought back the simplicity, and p/u and play aspect to gaming that has been absent for decades. It's just videogames people - you shouldn't be playing it for hours and days on end. Go outside, talk to your friends/families, and live again. You really want to be on your deathbed looking back at your life and videogames be what flashes back at you?

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ummm yep so i will be getting down with the birds on my phones....yep call me a happy man with angry birds

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it's on 3DS???

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They should do a Capcom vs Namcoesque Cross over with Activision and make Call of Doody(oops I mean Duty)xAngryBirds. THINK ABOUT IT! it will sell like mad!

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@boags24 Everybody is hating on angry birds because it does not even work as a time waster. It fails at that. The game is monotonous, the physics are broken thus making the game too random, there is no sense of urgency and the art design is terrible. I donot mind these type of games personally, but angry birds is lacking in every department. I feel that games like Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, and others are far more fulfilling as Time Wasters. Angry Bird is overrated drivel, one of the worst games I have ever played.

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If this game was called Angry Whores, well, I still wouldn't want to play it.

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Why is everybody hating on Angry Birds? It's a good game, but as a TIME WASTER only. I mean, there is a reason it's been downloaded half a billion times.

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this game isnt available on 3ds...article is fraudulent!

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@mattcake who cares?!!!! It's all about laughing at birds with bad attitude, hitting funny-looking green pigs... If it was so easy, why didn't you create a similar game and get rich??????

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Couldn't care less really, Angry Birds is a very average physics based game using an open source engine they didn't even write themselves (google box2d) or give any credit to. They've made a fortune simply by putting some tacky graphics on top and being in the right place at the right time, well done. And yeah, gutted I didn't do it first :)

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I was hoping for a spinoff called Angry Turds. I am disappoint.

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I love how everyone is dissing Angry Birds in the comments for milking. Really? It costs like a dollar. If buying different 3 level packs for Angry Birds costing $1 each is milking, then Call of Duty is like a continent sized dairy farm.

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Angry Birds is the mobile version of CoD. They keep rereleasing the same BS over and over again.

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Omg no Vita version. noooooooooooooooooooooooo!~

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@LessThanMike Bought it? I have yet to buy it once. I own the free version of Angry Birds the original and got the paid versions free through Amazon of Seasons and Rio. If you're paying money for a time waster, you're doing it wrong.

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omg....dont reignite the craze again.....i quit going to the mall/market because of this. Fffuuuuuu...

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oh god why...

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Overrated flash game part 2! Hurray! :roll:

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Can we send Angry Bird too the moon?

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no skill and thought? does it make it bad? i dont think so. Its a simple game you play once in a while, i dont understand why all the hate. Dont like it, dont play it, simple!

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It's nothing special, just another flash-game that somehow grew with hype. Until the devs try something completely new they're a joke.

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Let's not forget about the windows phone version, gamespot. Us windows phone users never get any love! At least we have angry birds, as uninspiring as it may be.

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Writting trolling posts is trite, meaningless, and there's no skill or thought process involved when typing. I hope this game (and teh Rio one) comes to pS3. And no mini cr@p this time either, please give us trophies and teh full works. It was a great break the boredom game that i could also play with the GF.

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Angry Birds is trite, meaningless, and there's no skill or thought process involved when playing.

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@downloadthefile One's luck drives him/her to success and even to super stardom in this case

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this game's popularity makes me many great games and THIS is the one people choose? it's not bad, but it's no better than any other dumb phone game.

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Space is overrated.

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Angry Turds

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Angry Birds is the most overrated game of all time.

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They should make a game called Angry Citizens Where we can launch members of congress into space!

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probably not just a re-skin, the game has always been physics based and with space the physics should be different giving a different sort of challenge, the basic game play will probably be the same but that could be said of any sequel if you don't like it don't buy it, there's no one forcing you to.

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sweet news.think i'm the only one that is looking forward to this.... it's not that I don't enjoy what most of you would call "real" games, I love those too, but still I get a real kick from Angry Birds... it's definitely one of the best 69p games I've played, and I most definitely got way more than 69p worth of time/entertainment out of it, so if they want to make some more levels with some flashier graphics so I can play some more, great. I'll still play my other games on systems like 3DS etc and have no shame enjoying these smaller iOS games too.

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No thanks.

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For a game that's been downloaded half a BILLION times, there's really no reason not to keep making them. They'd be dumb not to. Call it milking all you want. For the few dollars asking price, people will buy it. And they will continue to rake in the cash.

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So it's a re-skin,, worse then Activision, made a lot of rubbish for years and the moment they get a hit they milk it for years.

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So this is how they plan on taking over console games and handhelds, by making the same crappy flash game over and over again. Dumb developer.

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'hey, what's that..... this funny feeling....... My milking senses are tingling."

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funny how these games are so popular just because they are on smart phones when flash games have been doing the same job for years and for free.

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Uh, why?

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So an actual Angry birds 2? Well at least the didn't call it Angrier Birds

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Angry Birds was fun at first but got boring after a while. They should either come up with new features and gameplay options that make each Angry Birds game stand out or stop relying on it and come up with something new or they'll be in trouble soon. It's only a matter of time before people get bored of playing the same game over and over. Eh I'll still check it out though, just for the sake of checking it out lol. I'll probably play a few games then put it aside and never touch it again...

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Dunno how this franchise blew up so much. I guess it's because it takes little skill and people of all ages and genders can play it.

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I hope the word DLC isn't in Rovio's dictionary.

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Why people like Angry Birds so much? I don't get it, I played it and is the dumbest game EVER... by syllogism then people are DUMB?

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Something tells me that this will have a portal joke to it.

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Angry birds will be the next COD- just watch...

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@hella_epic haha, careful you may want to copyright that