Angry Birds 2 Passes 30 Million Downloads in Two Weeks

Yet another milestone reached for Rovio's bird-flinging sequel.


Angry Birds 2 continues to fly to new heights.

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Developer Rovio Entertainment has announced that the bird-flinging sequel has now reached 30 million downloads in the two weeks following its release. Ten million of those installs came from China.

"What a great start to the Angry Birds 2 journey," Rovio said in a statement. "But keep those slingshots well waxed and in good working order. The adventure on Piggy Island is just getting started, and exciting surprises await around the corner."

Angry Birds 2 was released on July 29. It racked up 1 million downloads in 12 hours and 10 million in three days. In its first week, the game reached 20 million installs. By comparison, the original Angry Birds needed more than nine months to reach that mark. But it's important to note that the original Angry Birds had paid and free versions, while Angry Birds 2 is exclusively offered as a free-to-play game.

The entire Angry Birds franchise has tallied more than 1 billion downloads since it originally debuted in 2009. A movie based on the series is due out next year that actor Josh Gad recently called "unexpectedly smart."

In Angry Birds 2, your arsenal of birds takes the form of cards. When you use them up, you lose a life. After this, you can either wait for those lives to refill after using them up, or spend in-game currency to buy a few more chances. Another change for Angry Birds 2 is the environments, which now have a multi-area layout.

For more on Angry Birds 2, check out our full breakdown of features and more here.

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