Android xCloud Preview Adds Tools To Help Players Discover New Games

Microsoft's cloud game streaming service has added a new feature to help choose your next game on Android.


Microsoft is continuing to work on its Project xCloud game streaming service, with the preview version now available in four countries. The Android version of the xCloud test, which now boasts well over 50 games in its library, is adding a new feature designed to help players find a new game to play.

Those in the xCloud preview will notice a set of five game trailers next time they open the app. As well as helping players to decide on their next game, xCloud will use the time the trailer is playing to load the game in the background, cutting down wait time if the player decides to jump in and play.

As Project xCloud is still in its beta phase, this new feature and many others in the preview may not make it to the finished app in the same state, or at all. "The Project xCloud preview is all about iterating, getting your input, and continuing to build great experiences," the update reads.

If you're in the preview already, the new feature will roll out today. If you want to get onto the preview--and you live in either the US, the UK, Korea or Canada--you can register here. To participate you'll need a compatible Android device, a Microsoft account, an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth, and an internet connection with 10Mbps downloads.

xCloud is also available on iOS, but with fewer games and features currently available.

Keep an eye out for more Project xCloud news next week, when Microsoft will share its planned GDC announcements over Mixer livestream.

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