Andrew Wilson named EA CEO

EA Sports veteran appointed Chief Executive Officer at Battlefield, Mass Effect publisher, replacing John Riccitiello; says he envisions EA as the "world's greatest games company;" will be paid $800,000 salary.


EA Sports veteran Andrew Wilson has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Arts, it was announced today. Wilson replaces John Riccitiello, who resigned in March. EA considered internal and external candidates for the role.

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Wilson most recently served at EA as executive vice president of EA Sports and Origin.

He will be paid an annual salary of $800,000 as EA's new CEO, and his target bonus percentage will be 150 percent of his salary. Wilson released a statement on his appointment, the full text of which is available below.

"Let me start by saying I am deeply honored and humbled to become EA's CEO. I have a profound respect and passion for this organization, as well as for our global community of fans, and I'm incredibly motivated to serve our people, our gamers and our shareholders at such an exciting time in our industry.

From my start at EA in Australia back in 2000, through stops in Asia, Europe and now North America, I've worked with people in this company who have consistently amazed and inspired me. It's my passion for our people and the great products we all impact that gives me such excitement for our future. I hope you all feel the same level of energy and optimism that I do as we embark on this journey together.

I envision EA as the World's Greatest Games Company. This is not about what we are aiming for or what we will become. Rather, it is about an unfaltering commitment to what we will be every day. This is an attitude that must drive our culture as one team.

I also believe EA's strategy is sound. Our focus on our talent, our brands and our platform together with our investment in next-generation consoles, mobile and PC free-to-play, as part of our ongoing transition to digital, is right. But we have plenty of work ahead to ensure our collective success.

In the short term, our mission is crystal clear: We are 100 percent focused on delivering our FY14 business plan. We have made strong progress in the first half of the fiscal year, establishing financial discipline and continuing to create a slate of fantastic games for current and next-generation consoles, mobile and PC. But now we've got to finish the job--execute in Q3 and Q4 and deliver on the promises we made to our fans and our shareholders.

Looking ahead, my focus will be on three things:

1. Continued transformation for our digital future;

2. Delivering amazing games and services across platforms; and

3. Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth.

In the days and weeks ahead, I will provide a greater level of operational detail behind the plan that will make these goals a reality. I could not be more proud to lead you as CEO of EA. Thank you in advance for your support."

EA executive chairman Larry Probst released a statement on behalf of EA's board of directors regarding Wilson's appointment to CEO. He said EA conducted a "rigorous search" for Riccitiello's successor, and mentioned "several talented executives" from inside the company and out were considered. These people were not named.

"He is a compelling and charismatic communicator who cares deeply about organizational development, teams, and the individual careers of people who work for EA," Probst said about Wilson. "Most of all, he has a powerful sense of respect for and commitment to our consumers."

In support of Wilson's transition to EA CEO, Probst will continue to serve as EA's executive chairman for an indefinite period, earning a $1.03 million salary.

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1. Continued transformation for our digital future;

Yeah, pretty sure that means DRM, microtransactions and DLCs...

2. Delivering amazing games and services across platforms;

I'll only believe it if I see it. At least now, Nintendo and PC users are shamefully unappreciated by EA, and both were essential in EA's past. Still, let's wait and see if he is true to this.

3. Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth.

Oh, this is just a statement confirming what everyone knows: EA rushes developers to finish games, all in the name of profit. And we get stuff like Dragon Age II and ME 3 ending, lucky us!

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@Fprosell He ought to try a different three point plan.

1. Stop ruining much loved properties with DRM and microtransactions

2. Stop creating bad mobile games whose sole purpose is to such money out of easily influenced people.

3. Stop rushing game development demanding pointless social features no matter whether they fit the game or not.

If they tried following that plan then maybe they might stand a chance of becoming a truly great game company.

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@moonlightwolf01 @Fprosell This plan leads them into "no longer being a company". As much as we love games, and what games give us, we still have to remember that these companies exist to make money.

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True, but their focus for developing games SHOULD be the entertainment value, not money leeches. If you keep rushing and making poor quality games, eventually you lose consumer trust. EA stocks have already plummeted from 2008 (economic recession), right about when they stopped focusing on game development.

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So the guy in charge of the most milked to death series is gonna be in charge of everything now?

Get ready for Mass Effect 2015, 2016, 2017...

Avatar image for roman4545

@Daian yeah sure target Mass Effect where theres only 3 games has been made.. and yearly release ??? who said ?? your sentence SHOULD HAVE been more for Battlefield instead of Mass Effect...

How many FPS today on the market compare to RPG ??

Avatar image for Daian

@roman4545 It was an exaggeration to make a point.

Avatar image for krystyla

@Daian If they develop the story I dont care about rehashed gameplay I would love to play Mass Effect 2 with new stories each year

Avatar image for moonlightwolf01

@krystyla @Daian Stories take time to develop, look how the quality of assassin's creed game storylines have fallen since they became yearly releases. ME3's storyline was aweful and they actually had two years or so to create and refine it. Eventually you'd be sick of the gameplay and the storylines.

Avatar image for roman4545

@moonlightwolf01 @krystyla Mass Effect universe is massively huge compare to Assassins creed story. As you can see.. its easy story for Assassins Creed since theres only one universe and happening at the time. But for Mass Effect is different.. you are talking to a whole galaxy if not different universe in one game. How are you suppose to tell ALL the story of different characters at the same time ??

While yes you may be sick of the gameplay but not story... because theres literally too much characters in Mass Effect... and too many story to write about the characters. ME3 storyline wasnt was just to show you WHAT IF... the characters had their own story and problem to tell meanwhile Shepperd do their stuff and blablabla.. and yes the pacing is not right but if you play the game AS IT... and dont count as realism with time.. you will be enjoying the game just like me !

Avatar image for krystyla

@moonlightwolf01 @krystyla @Daian I think the story was fine the problem was they tried to do things differently from ME2 but that could only get worse because ME2 had incredible gameplay and story. ME3 was still great the story was pretty good as well, the ending just ruined it for many

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Oh wow, maybe he will start getting those EA games back on Nintendo consoles. I'd love to buy BF4 with Pointer controls, I really honestly would give that my money instead of COD Ghosts. It'll happen for sure I know it will. When you ask? When pigs fly

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EA "world's greatest games company"....At least the guy has a sense of humour.

Avatar image for cmat35

They are just changing the name on the office door. It will be business as usual.

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Avatar image for gothemile

The microtransaction is strong with this one.

Avatar image for firehawk998

EA : "World's Greatest Games Company"

Yeah IN BIZZARROOO WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(In Christian Bale voice)... Ohhhhh Gooood for youuuuuu !

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@GSGuy321 EA is fucking done, professionally.

Avatar image for roman4545

@GSGuy321 what movie is that ?

Avatar image for Micropixel

(In best Ozzy Osbourne voice) "ALL ABOARD!!"

Avatar image for Saidrex

"World's Greatest Games Company"

hahaaahhaaahhahahahahahahaha hahahahaha. True story. That's why everyones loves EA so much

Avatar image for GSGuy321

Great, an insider... Same antiquated views of pro-DRM, anti-PC, pro-DLC, pro-microtransaction... living in the Past in other words. Trying to hold on to an old model. No innovation.

Avatar image for blutosan

To be honest, EA seems too big for its own good. It would probably be in its stockholder's best interests to break the company up into about 10 pieces.

Avatar image for codeman101360

I can't wait to see how this overpaid a-hole is gonna try to screw us over!