Andrew Wilson named EA CEO

EA Sports veteran appointed Chief Executive Officer at Battlefield, Mass Effect publisher, replacing John Riccitiello; says he envisions EA as the "world's greatest games company;" will be paid $800,000 salary.


EA Sports veteran Andrew Wilson has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Electronic Arts, it was announced today. Wilson replaces John Riccitiello, who resigned in March. EA considered internal and external candidates for the role.

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Wilson most recently served at EA as executive vice president of EA Sports and Origin.

He will be paid an annual salary of $800,000 as EA's new CEO, and his target bonus percentage will be 150 percent of his salary. Wilson released a statement on his appointment, the full text of which is available below.

"Let me start by saying I am deeply honored and humbled to become EA's CEO. I have a profound respect and passion for this organization, as well as for our global community of fans, and I'm incredibly motivated to serve our people, our gamers and our shareholders at such an exciting time in our industry.

From my start at EA in Australia back in 2000, through stops in Asia, Europe and now North America, I've worked with people in this company who have consistently amazed and inspired me. It's my passion for our people and the great products we all impact that gives me such excitement for our future. I hope you all feel the same level of energy and optimism that I do as we embark on this journey together.

I envision EA as the World's Greatest Games Company. This is not about what we are aiming for or what we will become. Rather, it is about an unfaltering commitment to what we will be every day. This is an attitude that must drive our culture as one team.

I also believe EA's strategy is sound. Our focus on our talent, our brands and our platform together with our investment in next-generation consoles, mobile and PC free-to-play, as part of our ongoing transition to digital, is right. But we have plenty of work ahead to ensure our collective success.

In the short term, our mission is crystal clear: We are 100 percent focused on delivering our FY14 business plan. We have made strong progress in the first half of the fiscal year, establishing financial discipline and continuing to create a slate of fantastic games for current and next-generation consoles, mobile and PC. But now we've got to finish the job--execute in Q3 and Q4 and deliver on the promises we made to our fans and our shareholders.

Looking ahead, my focus will be on three things:

1. Continued transformation for our digital future;

2. Delivering amazing games and services across platforms; and

3. Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth.

In the days and weeks ahead, I will provide a greater level of operational detail behind the plan that will make these goals a reality. I could not be more proud to lead you as CEO of EA. Thank you in advance for your support."

EA executive chairman Larry Probst released a statement on behalf of EA's board of directors regarding Wilson's appointment to CEO. He said EA conducted a "rigorous search" for Riccitiello's successor, and mentioned "several talented executives" from inside the company and out were considered. These people were not named.

"He is a compelling and charismatic communicator who cares deeply about organizational development, teams, and the individual careers of people who work for EA," Probst said about Wilson. "Most of all, he has a powerful sense of respect for and commitment to our consumers."

In support of Wilson's transition to EA CEO, Probst will continue to serve as EA's executive chairman for an indefinite period, earning a $1.03 million salary.

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You'll be the McDonald's of game companies at best.

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haha greatest game company that's so funny because you sucked on that magical crack pipe before you made that statement

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Greeeeat, because EA Sports games like Madden have always been the most revolutionary and interesting things coming from this company. /sarcasm

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I believe this company has the ability to turn itself around but even if that happens, I will never forgive them for destroying two of my favorite companies: Bullfrog and Westwood.

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Now I know where my money will end up... SMH (shaking my head)

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**** you EA. Money Grubbing skullcuntery. **** Microscam too. :P

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Pay the man eight hundred grand and of course he's going to say anything.

If he wants EA to be the greatest company and be respected by gamers, he doesn't actually have to have EA titles back on Steam (although admittedly that would help a lot), but they should work on improving the abandoned, bug-infested Origin client, improve their customer support and invent some new, original IPs.

EA can't just roll in the money, they have to give something back and show that they actually care about their consumer base - which at the moment, they evidently don't.

Your move EA...

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I agree with you Mr Andrew Wilson for getting paid $800,000 annually ...Ea is F amazing company

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I wish i could get a 150% bonus for doing a good job at work.

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"Most of all, he has a powerful sense of respect for and commitment to our consumers."

This is so ironic, I am speechless.

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An $800k salary and millions in stock that is taxed at a lower rate as well. They always leave that out somehow.

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All rise for the new dark lord satan, Andrew Wilson.

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@Danny_KickAzz queue imperial march theme

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I don't give a **** because it will be business as usual.

Avatar image for BLaverock

@DaWarthog Yup, business as usual. And it's talk, talk as usual. All these big-wigs sound the same :/

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Something weird is going on with the comment box.

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I didn't like this nomination, its more of the same. Had he acknowledged that the company was in bad shape and (keyword now) "changes" are a necessity for the future - that would reassure me a lot more than this political statement. They need to pull a "Mattrick" on EA - fire the leadership and start over.

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I hope that this reaction didn't hurt his feelings.

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Oh, they promoted the head of Origin to CEO. Wonderful. Expect that garbage to continue to be shoved down our throats.

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I think maybe EA's best course...would be to tread lightly...

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@KopyKat000 The best course for ea would be to clean house starting with peter moore. EA's biggest strength is that they mistreated their customers equally. The current direction is getting all lovey-dovey with microsoft and only microsoft. I still haven't seen a massive groundswell of support for the xbox one, and betting the future of EA on microsoft's console seems like a bad gamble.

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"EA is the devil."

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No, that would be Activision.

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@deathstream @KopyKat000 Actually, its the 3 prime-evils: Activision-Blizzard (yes, the whole name, same garbage now), EA and Microsoft.

Then there are the 4 lesser-evils: Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Bioware (yes, I know it is EA, but hey, Golden Poo award twice = evil twice).

Paladin of Justice = My PC.

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Larry, John, now Andrew. Next up will be Dave, Michael, James, Kevin, Matthew, Peter, Chris.

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So the guy who's in charge of regurgitating Madden every year is in charge of the whole company?

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Well congratulations to Andrew Wilson. At this point he hasn't done anything wrong as EA CEO. Even though EA has been voted worst company 2 years in a row. EA as a corporation is awful. Andrew Wilson could be the guy that turns EA round. If that is possible?

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@Megavideogamer He worked for EA, that automatically constitutes as doing something wrong.

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EA Sports..........the Kings of repacking the same game every year....I see great things in your future!

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@blackothh When I saw your comment I laughed because of this article from last week.

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@Maize84 @blackothh talk is cheap, they are all hot air when it comes to talk. they are going to destroy the star wars stuff they have in the pipe and they are not even going to come close to doing the things that this guy thinks they will. Im just going to sit back and watch. (and play other good games)

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EA, make me your CEO, I only ask for $100,000, and then do nothing.

Still better than Andrew Wilson could ever improve upon.

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@Grimkillah I vote for you, but I want you to have a pay of $200.000,00 USD. I mean, its only fair.

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EA is a publishing house run by bloated ego and bloated salary finance managers that RUIN the great game companies they purchase. **** off and die EA, I'll buy games from a real game company.

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They are all pretty much the same. EA just catches more crap for doing the same things everyone else is doing.

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So we start off by polishing the turd as it were, with such shoddy business practices i don't see how this dude or any other can turn EA into a respectable company in any forceable future, especially if they are going full on digital, i for one wont rent your games then wait for the plug to be pulled when you feel the need or when you go bankrupt, take your future and cram it up your shareholders arses where it belongs.

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@Asharel Not to be a prick but those 'shoddy business practices' has made this corporation a lot of money. Who knows more how to run a billion dollar company? you? thanks for the ego. Poor little baby doesn't like some of their games. waaaaaa

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@mucking_foron I for one could not care less how many billions they made, I care about the games they make, and so far in the last 5 years, they have done nothing of value to me, so I do my part by not giving them a dime of my money and using my money elsewhere.

All they do is buy and destroy good game franchises, and close studios that have made stellar games in the past thinking just because they own the IP that reputation alone will sell product. They also like to come up with new and annoying DRM systems which force more pirating and piss off legal customers.

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@mucking_foron @blackothh I have no clue what it takes to run a multibillion company, but all I can say is that being a publicly traded company, all focus is on making stockholders and board members happy that know nothing whatsoever about playing video games.

A private 5 person dev has a much better chance at making a game that is genuinely fun. Whereas EA has virtually no chance due to all the handcuffs they have put on themselves.

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@blackothh nicely put. That's the power of the consumer. I've done the same with Blizzard but I would never assume to know that I know better than a huge corp. All we as customers can do is avoid such games.

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So, now every article about EA's CEO will have a picture of Andrew Wilson looking very small compared to that dude on the right. It literally looks like Wilson is only half the man that the other guy is. Well, it's at least an improvement from the sleepy-eyed photo of Riccitiello, that some considered creepy.

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@Hurvl yea, gamespot is good a using annoyingly stupid pictures for their articles

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The World's shittiest games company would have been a more appropriate description.

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@19James89 Sometimes I wonder who is more cynical, executives of games companies like EA or the gamers that bash them. To get this high up you must be very committed and passionate about your work, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll do the right decisions, from a gamer perspective. His statement seems very generical and it's hard to know how true the words about "profound respect and passion" and Probst's words about Wilson having "respect for our customers" really are. I'll judge him by his and EA's actions.

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@Hurvl I have every right to slate Electronic Arts.

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@19James89 @Hurvl trolls have no rights