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Andor Season 2 Will Feature More Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Characters

Diego Luna confirms that more Rogue One characters are coming to Andor Season 2.


When Andor debuted on Disney+ in 2022, only a small handful of characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story appeared in the series beyond Diego Luna's Cassian Andor. Genevieve O'Reilly's Mon Mothma had a large supporting role while Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera and Duncan Pow's Ruescott Melshi briefly appeared. But according to Luna, more Rogue One characters are coming in Andor Season 2.

Via Popverse, Luna told a panel at ACE Superhero Comic Con 2024 that additional Rogue One characters will arrive as the events of the series get closer to the timeframe of the movie.

"I can tell you, Rogue One is coming, so there will be characters there that you will recognize," said Luna. "There will be cool stuff. For those who love Rogue One, this season is going to be very special. And it's going to be fascinating to go straight to Rogue One after watching this second season, because you will see Rogue One from a different perspective. I promise you that."

Although Luna didn't mention any cast members by name, the most obvious addition is Alan Tudyk as the voice of K-2SO, an Imperial droid who was reprogramed by Andor to be his loyal ally. Tudyk was originally announced as part of Andor's Season 1 cast before K-2SO was held back for the second season.

Additionally, Luna noted that Andor's conclusion isn't diminished by the fact that the fate of Cassian and everyone else in Rogue One was already revealed on the big screen. He was also effusive in his praise for showrunner Tony Gilroy.

"The only thing I can tell you is what happens at the end," said Luna. "It's the world upside down. That's the only thing you don't talk about in an interview, but here we all know what the end is. I can tell you one thing, Tony Gilroy is a fantastic writer, and he created amazing characters that we got to meet in Andor Season 1. It's going to be a very rich second season, because all those stories matter today. It is a true ensemble piece. It got very complicated in Season 1, and everything has to get resolved. Every story matters."

Andor Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in 2025.

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