Andor Actor Andy Serkis Discusses Kino Loy's Fate As Fans Hope For Answers In Season 2

Serkis weighs in.


Actor Andy Serkis has shared his thoughts on the fate of his Andor character, Kino Loy. The character played a significant role in Andor, and fans are wondering if we'll see him again in Season 2. In a new interview, Serkis shared his own personal thoughts about what's to come.

This story contains spoilers about Andor Season 1.

In a pivotal plot line from Andor Season 1, Kino Loy helps Cassian (Diego Luna) break out of a jail in the middle of the ocean. Cassian and other inmates breathe fresh air and leap into the water below in an attempt to swim to freedom. But Kino cannot swim and is left behind. We never see what happens to Kino, and by the rules of Hollywood, if a character is not shown to be explicitly dead, they may not be. So is Kino still alive? Serkis believes he is.

"I certainly think he's still alive. Absolutely. 100%. Yeah. He's sitting in his cell figuring out his next step," Serkis told IGN. The actor went on to start saying, " And actually..." before he was cut off to discuss what karaoke songs Kino might be singing instead.

Andor Season 2 is expected to hit Disney Plus in August 2024, so fans may need to wait some time before finding out, or not, what happened to Kino. Season 2 will bring the story to its conclusion, ending where the movie Rogue One begins. There are no plans for a third season.

On the more immediate horizon, the Star Wars TV show Ahsoka debuts this August on Disney Plus. Andor returns for its second season in 2024, and another show, The Acolyte, is coming at some point later.

In terms of Star Wars movies, Lucasfilm just announced three more, including one starring Daisy Ridley coming back to play Rey again.

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