And Krondor Goes to ...

7th Level sells its games unit PyroTechnix Inc. to Sierra On-Line - along with marquee title Return to Krondor.


As part of its continuing bid to get out of the game publishing business, 7th Level has reached a deal to sell its Cincinnati, Ohio-based games unit PyroTechnix Inc. to Sierra On-Line.

And with PyroTechnix goes the rights to Return to Krondor.

The deal was worth $1.2 million, 7th Level reported.

The Sierra agreement includes a license for 7th Level's Top Gun technology so that Sierra can complete Krondor, which has been under development at PyroTechnix. Sierra will assume all PyroTechnix liabilities, leases, and senior management contracts and will finance completion of Return to Krondor.

Betrayal at Krondor, the first of the series, was originally developed by Sierra.

7th Level has announced a strategy of focusing on the creation of tools for the delivery of interactive digital media. The company recently announced plans to merge with Los Angeles-based Pulse Entertainment Inc. as part of that strategy.

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