Ancient Evil released

Silver Lightning's role-playing game Ancient Evil: The Curse of the Snake Cult is now available.


Ancient Evil

Australian game developer Silver Lightning has announced the release of its latest role-playing game, Ancient Evil: The Curse of the Snake Cult. The game is set in a detailed 3D isometric world, and it features advanced effects like real-time colored lighting and shadows. In addition, Ancient Evil features more than 30 different monsters, each with unique abilities, and 30 types of spells.

Ancient Evil: The Curse of the Snake Cult is being distributed through a partnership with Softwrap. Using Softwrap's technology, the demo version of the game will also include the full version, which can be unlocked by purchasing the game for $19.95. Ancient Evil can be found on CD-ROMs included in magazines, or it can be downloaded from the official Silver Lightning Web site.

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