Ancient Conquest Update

Megamedia has modified the demo to its holiday release, Ancient Conquest. Details inside.


Magamedia sent along some information on a title it hopes to have at retail this holiday buying season. Here's what the company has to say about the game. The link to the right will take you to the demo.

Here's what Megamedia told us:

"The new version 2.22 has gone through some changes. It now includes an additional three-player map. Other changes include a much-improved and smarter AI, computer AI now has three levels of difficulty which a player could set before starting a mission, added the ability of building more than one ship at a time, graphics of fire weapon have been improved, and demo now supports Direct X 6. For those who have already downloaded the older demo (ver 2.18), a patch to version 2.22 is also available. DirectX 6 is required for the demo and the patch.

"Ancient Conquest is set in the fictional days when heroes like Hercules and Zetes lived, days that we know from legendary myths. The objective of the game is to get the Golden Fleece. To reach the objective, players will have to build their navy, the legendary ship Argo, earn money while exploring natural resources, like amber, fish and Leviathans. While playing the game, users will have to fight against monsters (harpies, medusas, cyclops, minotaurs, etc.), sea creatures (sharks, crocodiles, sea serpents, swordfish), wizards, survive natural disasters as well as the mighty Persians and Barbarians who robbed you of your ships and settlements. To overcome obstacles you have to attract ancient heroes to help you on your quest, for their skills will help you on your journey.


- Real-time strategy game with an isometric view

- Hi-resolution game design (800x600x256)

- 2 civilization (Greeks and Persians)

- 14 missions in the Golden Fleece campaign for Greeks and 40 custom missions

- A player chooses between 3 difficulty levels of each mission of the Golden Fleece campaign (easy, medium and hard)

- Scenario editor

- Different levels of AI in the scenario editor

- Ability to play on a smaller map

- Multiplayer (TCP/IP, IPX, Modem) supports up to 8 players

- Computer takes control of the civilization when the user quits playing multiplayer game"

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