Anarchy Online: Special Edition coming next month

An updated version of Funcom's sci-fi online role-playing game will soon be available in stores.


Anarchy Online

Funcom has announced that it will soon release Anarchy Online: Special Edition, an updated version of its sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The new version will include the most recent version of the game, along with a bonus CD that contains a PDF version of the novel Anarchy Online: Prophet Without Honor, all the animated story episodes, four music samples from the game's soundtrack, a high-resolution intro video, an updated manual in six languages, and never-before-seen concept art and wallpaper images from the game's various stages of development.

Anarchy Online was released in June 2001, in what the publisher has described as a "rocky start." The game, which lets players assume the role of a character in the midst of a war on a remote planet 30,000 years into the future, has since been upgraded and changed numerous times. For more information, take a look at our extensive coverage of the game.

Anarchy Online: Special Edition will be available next month for an approximate retail price of $19.99. Purchase of the game will include a free 30-day subscription, after which players will be charged $12.95 per month.

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