Anarchy Online free into '07

New subscribers to Funcom's MMORPG can adventure at no cost in an elf-free environment.


In late 2004, game publisher Funcom decided to try something a little different. Instead of actually charging users to play its game Anarchy Online, it opened the massively multiplayer online role-player to anyone who wanted to give it a try. The limited-time offer was extended into 2005 after the company restressed its long-term goal of eliminating subscription fees. Today, Funcom announced that it's doing it once again, making play free for new accounts through early 2007. The offer does not work with any of the game's three expansion packs. How will Funcom stay afloat? Its recent deal with in-game advertising agency Massive may have something to do with it. For more information on the free trial, check out Anarchy Online's Web site.

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