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Anarchy Online Dev Chat - Logged by Donnie Temean
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Q: *Zefrieg* With a game world that is suppose to support so many people, how will people with Dial up modems fair in cities where seeing 100 people at one time might be common?

A: The info transmitted isn't all that much. So your connection isn't really important.

Q: *arjun2001* Will NANO have a form of dispell, and will you be able to purchase buffs/debuff?

A: There will be dispel nfs in-game. If by purchase you mean go to an NPC and get them to cast it on you? No, no plans for that at the moment.

Q: *GammaX* What kind of transportation system would be used to reach places offshore, such as Jobe?

A: There will be several different ways of travelling around the world. One of the is the Wompa system taht can teleport you around the world.

Q: *Cayle* will there be deformable terrain from battles or will it remain constant and be the same after a large battle?

A: Well, the players will not be able to change the terrain. But if e.g. there a huge story related attack somewhere, then the terrain might change with the outcome of the battle. there could be other events that'll shape the planet too.

Q: *Thall* Will characters be able to hide, crouch, and crawl for cover and Concealment benefits? IE trees/rocks block direct weapons fire?

A: The combat in AO is not work as IN quake or half life, the skill of the individual player is not that important.

Q: *Aldric* What sorts of different environments can we expect in Rubi-Ka? It seems a lot of screenshots show the land as a desert wasteland...what else can we expect?

A: We have tried to include as much variation as possible. Yes, it is a desert planet, but much of it has been terraformed. You will see forest, swamp, too. Some places may even appear to be a little strange/wrong. There is alot of varaitaion.

Q: *Tecumseh_SOTIA* Can nano programs be adjusted? Ex. A laser attack that can be adjusted to either pierce armor like a bullet, or repel a tank like a concussive force.

A: Sorry, nope. A nano formula is not something that can be adjusted on-the-fly.

Q: *sasuke* Do you plan on implementing an ecosysem, like having some monsters be carnivores who prey on weaker creatures, etc.?

A: We'd love to, and we might try. But there's a small problem with High level monsters killstealing the one you're currently fighting.

Q: *ProfXeen* Would you consider a skill to allow nanos to program their own crystals to sell? It would be a nice way for non-combat Nanos to have some options.

A: You can't program all-new never-seen-before nanos. But you can make your own crystals for the existing nanos using the trade skills.

Q: *Skinner* where will the teleportation skill fall in the hierarchy (will it be low enough for most to obtain) and will portal spots be variable or fixed by the game?

A: As I mentioned earlier you can teleport around the world useing the Wompa system. These will be at fixed spots. These can also be used by every level. no skills required.

Q: *Wanderer* In comparison to other games like AC what will the LoS be ? And in addition to that how much can you see with that LoS ? I mean will cities just popup as soon as you get close to them or can you already see them miles away?

A: LoS is something that is still in progress. However, the detail in terrain, and the terrain features should be sufficient for you to know that something "different" is approaching.

Q: *Biggu* Will the Wompa system cost anything to use?

A: Nope. Or at least it doesn't right now.

Q: *Cayle* will there be changes in the terrain with the changing of seasons, like snow in december, stuff like that?

A: no there is no change in terrain according to the seasons.

Q: *Rainseeker* Will there be lanscape hazards, like lava, lightening, or falling and hurting yourself?

A: There is lava - and it will hurt! Walking through the sewer might not be very healthy either. The lightning probably won't hit you. A bit too much of a - oops, I'm dead feeling.

Q: What sort of toolsets do you use to worldbuild?

A: We use anything, and everything we can get our greasy hands on. The biggest tool (ahem) is made in-house, as a result, is very very good. This is used for the biggest "production" stuff. Apart from that, anything we can export files from, plugin to, is game for us.

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