Anarchy Online CD offer

Funcom expands its seven-day free trial offer with an option to get a free CD-ROM version of its online role-playing game through the mail.


Anarchy Online

Funcom has announced a new feature in its seven-day free trial offer for Anarchy Online, its sci-fi online role-playing game. Those who wish to try the game now have the option to order a free CD-ROM version of the game client in the mail. The shipping fee for the CD is $4.99. The CD includes the game client and recent game patches so that extensive patching is not required in order to begin playing the game.

Funcom started its seven-day free trial program in August by offering a free download of the game client. The free CD-ROM version of the game is designed to cater to those who do not want to download large files over the Internet.

Anarchy Online was launched in June. The game is set in a persistent sci-fi world torn by a war between a powerful corporation and an alliance of rebel factions. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game. For information about the free CD offer, visit the official Anarchy Online Web site.

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