Analyst: Sony's timing was perfect

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich says the PlayStation 4 is a step "in the proper direction" for console gaming; predicts pricing won't be revealed until closer to launch.


Video game insights and research firm Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) has weighed in on this morning's PlayStation 4 reveal.

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EEDAR's vice president of insights Jesse Divnich said the industry has been starved of new technology and new properties for so long that Sony's timing in announcing its next-gen console was "perfect."

"We're excited and anxious," Divnich said.

"Judging by today's presentation, Sony is putting a strong focus on game content and connectivity, which is the lifeblood of any platform, and we are ecstatic that an entirely new generation of content is right around the corner. Today's announcement is a silver lining in what has been a somber year in the news for console gaming."

Divnich also weighed in on Sony's decision to announce its next-gen console ahead of competitor Microsoft, saying that while there are pros and cons to being first on the market, the current climate shows there was a definite need for innovation. With console sales stagnating and consumer interest in high-definition gaming waning, Divnich said Sony made the right decision to announce the PS4 now.

"Sony's best chance at changing momentum is being first to market. We can't stress enough to our third-party publishers [that] if you take a wait-and-see approach to the next-generation of HD platforms you will be left behind."

On the new DualShock 4 controller, Divnich expressed some concern that it could become a gimmick. However, he stated that if developers could find a way to use the controller to give players an edge in certain games (quicker grenade tosses, camera angle movements, inventory access, and so on), the controller could become a deciding factor in consumers' decision to purchase a PS4 version of a game over another platform.

However, Divnich praised the PS4's pause/resume feature, saying it will become one of the most "heavily utilized features" on the new platform.

Finally, Divnich said he was not surprised that Sony did not announce pricing for the PS4 just yet.

"For competitive reasons, I am not surprised that pricing was not discussed," he said. "I think Sony learned a valuable lesson with the launch of the PlayStation 3 and I wouldn't expect the same mistakes to be made next generation. We wouldn't expect pricing announcements until closer to launch."

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