Anaconda goes, like, So Blonde

German company announces new adventure written by Broken Sword author Steve Ince.


Dtp Entertaiment will be releasing a new title called So Blonde through its Anaconda label. The PC adventure game is being developed by French team Wizarbox, with the story written by Steve Ince. The focus of So Blonde is a spoiled rich girl called Sunny, who, while travelling on a luxury cruise, finds herself shipwrecked on a desert island--and she's somehow gone back in time by several centuries to the pirate era.

Steve Ince has previously worked on a number of games, including the first two Broken Sword titles, In Cold Blood and Beneath a Steel Sky, as well as writing Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. This new game will feature adventure, puzzles, riddle elements, cartoon-style graphics, and "gameplay surprises."

Dtp entertainment is a Hamburg, Germany-based publisher, and some of its other titles include The Moment of Silence, Still Life, Black Mirror, and the upcoming Jane Jensen adventure, Gray Matter.

So Blonde is planned for a worldwide release, with the first version going to German-language-speaking territories in November 2007.

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